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B&C Fellow - Rachel Konkle


Rachel Konkle
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

was awarded the Douglas R. Stephens Boone and Crockett Club Fellowship in spring 2016. She grew up in Sauk City, Wisconsin and is expected to graduate from UWSP in May 2017 with a dual bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology – Research and Management, and Communications-Media Studies. Rachel is working on a research project entitled “Estimating the Time of Greater Prairie-Chicken Nest Failure”, under the direction of Dr. Jason Riddle, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology. This project uses data collection devices that record when hens stop incubating (i.e. when nests fail). Rachel’s work aims to link the time of nest failure to predator identification.  If this novel approach to predator ID works, it will be far less expensive than traditional nest monitoring methods such as photography and infrared cameras. Moreover, her analysis requires circular statistics, a complex analysis that is not commonly used by researchers for temporal nest ecology, but could provide accurate and useful insights. Rachel’s work was highlighted at the 2016 Wisconsin Chapter of TWS Winter Meeting, where she was recognized for best undergraduate presentation. Rachel also presented at the UWSP College of Natural Resources student research symposium, where she received highest honors for her oral presentation. She recently presented her research at the national TWS conference, and is now pursuing writing and publishing this research in a scientific journal within the academic year.


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