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Sagamore Hill Award

The Sagamore Hill Award originated on a Vermont grouse hunt in 1947, when several Club members, including Archibald Roosevelt, discussed the idea of a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt. The Club President at the time, Karl Frederick, suggested that they create an award for the outstanding trophy in the Big Game Competitions, recognizing hunting skills, conservation awareness, and fair chase—and honoring Theodore Roosevelt’s vision for the Club. The medal, first awarded in 1949, has always been given by the Boone and Crockett Club and the Roosevelt family in memory of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and Kermit Roosevelt. The first recipient was Robert C. Reeve, a pioneering Alaskan aviator. His award-winning trophy was a huge Alaska brown bear that was entered in the 1948 Annual Competition.

1948 – Robert C. Reeve – Alaska brown bear

1949 – E.C. Haase – Rocky Mountain goat

1950 – Dr. R.C. Bentzen – American elk – typical antlers

1951 – George H. Lesser – woodland caribou

1953 – Edison A. Pillmore – mule deer – typical antlers

1955 – J. A. Columbus – polar bear

1957 – Frank Cook – Dall’s sheep

1959 – Fred C. Mercer – American elk – typical antlers

1961 – Harry L. Swank, Jr. – Dall’s sheep (click here to read the story of Swank's hunt)

1963 – Norman Blank – Stone’s sheep

1965 – Melvin J. Johnson – whitetail deer – typical antlers

1973 – Doug Burris, Jr. – mule deer – typical antlers (click here to read the story of Burris' hunt)

1976 – Garry Beaubien – mountain caribou

1986 – Michael J. O’Haco, Jr. – pronghorn

1989 – Gene C. Alford – cougar

1992 – Charles E. Erickson, Jr. – Coues’ whitetail – non-typical antlers

2001 – Gernot Wober – Rocky Mountain goat

2010 – Paul T. Deuling – mountain caribou (click here to read the story of Deuling's hunt)

Special Recognition

Sagamore Hill Awards may also be presented as a special recognition to Club members who demonstrate outstanding devotion to Club ideals and objectives. The first such recipient was DeForest Grant in 1952. Click here to see the full list of recipients of this special award.


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