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Sagamore Hill Award

World's Record Dall's Sheep
Harry Swank received the Sagamore Hill Award for an epic hunt that earned him the World's Record Dall's sheep. Having gained the experience he needed on earlier hunts for Dall’s sheep ( Ovis dalli dalli ), Harry Swank, Jr., a resident of Anchorage, decided to try for a really outstanding ram in...
The Roosevelt Family posing outside their family estate—Sagamore Hill. From left to right: Kermit, Archie, TR, Ethel, Edith, Quentin, Theodore Jr. Richard C. Reeve received the Club's first-ever Sagamore Hill Award medal in 1948. His bear—scoring 29-13/16—was recognized with a First Place Award at...
William I. "Bill" Spencer was presented the Sagamore Hill Award at a ceremony held at the Club's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch in June 1993. Spencer is noted for his vision and determination to revitalize the Club in the 1980s. He spearheaded the Club's efforts to recapture its legacy of...
World's Record Mule Deer - Typical
The World's Record typical mule deer is one of only a few bucks with main beams measuring at or near 30 inches on each side. Doug Burris, Jr., began hunting Colorado's Dolores County area in 1969. On his first three hunts, he took three nice mule deer bucks ( Odocoileus hemionus hemionus ) that any...
World's Record Mountain Caribou
Paul T. Deuling received B&C's coveted Sagamore Hill Award for his World's Record mountain caribou scoring 459-3/8 points. Note: Following is Paul Deuling ’s story on taking the world's record mountain caribou. It's reprinted with permission from Of Man and Beast , an Amboca publication. A...
Robert Model of Cody, Wyo., has received the Boone and Crockett Club's Sagamore Hill Medal--the organization's highest honor. Model is only the ninth individual to receive the award since its creation in 1948. A special honor given for distinguished devotion to the objectives of the Club, founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt, the Sagamore Hill Medal is given by the Roosevelt family in memory of past members Theodore, Theodore Jr. and Kermit Roosevelt.
Paul T. Deuling recieved his Sagamore Hill Award at the 27th Big Game Awards Banquet. Paul T. Deuling of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, has received the Sagamore Hill Award, the highest honor given a hunter by the Boone and Crockett Club. Deuling received the award, named for the New York home of...

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