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Boone and Crockett Club Annual Reports

Message from the President for Fiscal Year 2023 

Each of us joined the Boone and Crockett Club because we want to do more for conservation and hunting with like-minded people. Our Club does that by working hard, smart, and in partnership with other organizations with similar interests, such as the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and our allies in the American Wildlife Conservation Partners.

As the oldest conservation organization in North America and the second oldest in the world, we have more than 135 years of thoughtful and measured commitment to conserving wild places and wild things. And we do so in a manner that balances human and wildlife needs. No other organization has this resume. We are not just about deer, elk, or fowl; we are about an overarching system of conservation with hunting and science as its backbone. And, so far, that has stood the test of time.

This great organization only functions well when we all—our leadership, members, volunteers, donors, partners, and staff—function well. As we complete another year of hard work, I would like to recognize all the officers, executive vice presidents, vice presidents, committee chairs, vice chairs, and everyone else who is giving their precious time and resources for such a worthy cause to move the Club and its mission forward. I am grateful for your unwavering commitment.

We hope when you review this annual report you will be proud of the Club’s accomplishments over this past year. I certainly am. I want to especially recognize Ben and Roxane Strickling, Bobby and Sharon Floyd, and Lee and Penny Anderson who went above and beyond with extremely significant financial contributions to help make these accomplishments possible. I also want to thank the president of our Foundation, Terrell McCombs, and the many members who have remembered the Boone and Crockett Club in their financial planning. Without funding, the Club’s engine does not run. It also takes talented people and those giving their valuable time to help us advance our mission. With that, special thanks go to Mary Webster, Tony Caligiuri, and Tony Schoonen. I also want to thank my wife, Martha, for helping me through extremely busy times and tolerating a travel schedule that is almost non-stop.

It is important, from time to time, for organizations to reaffirm the priorities of their membership. You have spoken loudly and stated your priorities are conservation policy, records, and hunting ethics. Priorities of organizations are reflected in their budgets. Past President Jim Arnold worked to streamline operations and put additional emphasis on the mission of the Club. Continuing that is my goal as well—I also want to keep administrative and overhead expenses at a minimum, increase and diversify revenue streams, and put more funds toward the priorities of the Club’s membership. The result: A better system of conservation and hunting for us and future generations.

I want to better utilize the relationships and connections of our members to advance our policy work. This is making a difference and I thank those who have gotten involved. I am also very interested in making sure the history and accomplishments of the Club are “etched in stone” for the next generation. Also, during this next year, I want to restart the thought leadership group that was the brainchild of Past-President Morrie Stevens. All too often, we in the conservation and hunting space are thinking about next week and maybe next year, but who is thinking about 30 years from now? That is a current vacuum within the conservation community where the Club can once again be a leader.

As I close, I urge everyone to think about how the challenges within our country that are affecting our Club, hunting, and conservation can work in our favor. I’ve always believed that tough times present the greatest opportunities for those who are willing to work the hardest. As a nation, we witnessed that after the Great Depression and World War II with our Greatest Generation, and I believe our Club and its partners have the grit to turn today’s challenges into opportunities.

It is truly humbling to be the president of the Boone and Crockett family. And while the Club’s past leadership and staff have left the Club in its best financial shape ever, I hope we can take it to the next level and maintain our fiscal responsibilities while doing more for conservation and hunting than ever before. Once again, thank you for your trust and confidence in me to serve in this position. I truly am looking forward to continuing to work with each and every one of you in taking the Club to the next level.


James L. Cummins
Boone and Crockett Club

Past Boone and Crockett Club Annual Reports available for download in PDF format.





Copies of the Boone and Crockett Club's 990 and audited financials are also available upon request. Contact Jodi Bishop at 406/542-1888, ext. 212. 

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