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B&C Member One of Outdoor Life's 25 Exceptional Individuals

B&C Professional Member, Shane Mahoney

B&C Member one of Outdoor Life's 25 Exceptional Individuals

Voice Talent for Leupold Big Game Profiles Nominated

One of the nation's leading outdoor magazines has for the second straight year identified 25 exceptional individuals for their prestigious Conservationist of the Year Award.

This year, Shane Mahoney, B&C Professional member and one of the voice talents for the Boone and Crockett Club’s television series, Leupold Big Game Profiles has the honor of being one of the nominees. Not only has Shane's voice talent enhanced the show, but his input as a man of science and conservation has added greatly to the show’s overall success. Through his professional life as a biologist, researcher, and lecturer, Shane’s contributions to conservation are unique in that his teachings emphasize the importance of hunting in shaping our essence as human beings and that the issue of conservation should be on par with that of justice, civil rights, poverty, and education.