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B&C Announces New Mule Deer and Elk Books


In just the past 13 years, modern conservation efforts have produced an amazing 62 new state and provincial records--plus over 3,500 other Boone and Crockett-class trophies--for mule deer and elk alone. These special efforts and animals are profiled in two new books from the Boone and Crockett Club.

Records of North American Mule Deer and Records of North American Elk are the first records books dedicated solely to these two species. Previously, mule deer and elk were combined into a single Boone and Crockett volume last printed in 1996.

Since then, unprecedented growth in records listings dictated separate editions.

Julie Houk, director of publications for the Club, said, "The Boone and Crockett scoring system was originally developed to record details of big game species that were thought to be vanishing. Of course, hunters led historic restoration and habitat initiatives to ensure that didn’t happen. Today, this ongoing conservation success can be measured in many ways--including the page counts of these new books."

Records of North American Mule Deer is 490 pages containing over 4,500 listings for Boone and Crockett-class mule deer, Columbia blacktail and sitka blacktail. Twenty-nine state and provincial records have been set in these categories since Boone and Crockett’s previous records book in 1996.

Records of North American Elk is 298 pages containing nearly 1,600 listings for Boone and Crockett-class American elk, Roosevelt’s elk and tule elk. The book includes 33 new state and provincial records in these categories.

Both books include all-time and award-class listings from the late 1800s through Jan. 31, 2009. Also included are geographic analyses of kill locations, maps, photos, tables and informative chapters from top outdoor writers such as Jim Zumbo and Bob Robb, as well as partner organizations Mule Deer Foundation and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The books are $24.95 each, or save 10 percent by purchasing the books as a set. Cost for the set is $44.95. Boone and Crockett Club members receive a discount.

Order at or by calling 888-840-4868.