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Boone and Crockett: Canned Shoots Aren't Hunting

The Boone and Crockett Club reiterates its position by firmly stating a canned shoot (aka canned hunt) is not hunting and should not be confused with hunting.

The Club defines a canned shoot as the practice of pursuing and killing any big game animal kept in or released from captivity to be killed in an artificial or bogus hunting situation.  

"Recent events have made it clear that some hunters and even more non-hunters are confusing canned shoots with hunting, and this is a dangerous misconception for wildlife management and conservation, as well as the future of hunting" said Boone and Crockett President Morrie Stevens. 

Wildlife management and conservation in North America and elsewhere relies upon the stewardship and advocacy provided by people. A shining example is science-based, regulated hunting, which relies upon biologists and sportsmen and the public.  

Stevens explained, "Hunter-conservationists everywhere are concerned that too many people are confused about what is and what is not hunting, and therefore are questioning the need for  hunting. As far as the Club and its members are concerned, raising big game animals to be shot in put-and-take situations is not hunting and is not receiving  the high public approval rating hunting has had for over a century."

The Club is not alone. The majority of hunters do not believe these activities are hunting and are becoming more vocal about it. Surveys show support among non-hunters for hunting remains high as a means of procuring healthy food and in service to wildlife management. This support drops significantly for hunting utilizing non-traditional methods as well as  motivation, such as hunting  only to shoot a "trophy."

The Club encourages all hunters and state, provincial, tribal, and government agencies to discourage the practice of canned shoots because it violates the principles of fair chase and undermines the public support for the vital role hunting plays in conservation worldwide.  

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