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Hunter and Conservation Ethics


The Club has long been recognized for its leadership in hunting and conservation ethics. The Club’s Fair Chase statement was the cornerstone of the establishment of game laws, which included regulated hunting seasons, bag limits, and the abolishment of commercial market hunting practices at the turn of the century. To this day it promotes ethical, fair chase hunting, which is a critical part of a broader conservation ethic.


Today's hunter, especially young hunters, will face an increasingly difficult future in terms of public acceptance. While public support for hunting remains high, this support is conditional rather than absolute.

  • When hunting is seen as conducted ethically, for food, and in service to conservation and wildlife management, approval is high
  • When hunting is seen as unethical, wasteful and disrespectful to wildlife, hunting is rejected


Number and effect of proponents of single or limited outdoor use is increasing as competition for scarce natural resources intensifies. Balanced use of natural resources is increasingly at risk as limited use advocates step up their efforts. Recreational hunting seems especially vulnerable. In response, a major Club intent is to advocate an ethic of sharing in all users of the outdoors to preserve all legitimate use options, and promote responsible, shared and balanced use of natural resources.


Today the Club will promote outdoor ethics for all people emphasizing shared use of natural resources to protect multiple options for use of enjoyment and especially to protect wildlife populations, public and private land habitats, and associated outdoor recreational experiences. The Club will advocate to all hunters an ethic of respect for wildlife, land and other users of wildlife. To all users of the outdoors, the Club will legitimize options, and promote responsible, shared and balanced use of natural resources. The Club will accomplish its advocacy by becoming a source of information about hunter and conservation ethics and by participating in the resolution of key natural resource conflicts through forums, symposia, workshops and other appropriate means.


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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt