North American Wildlife Policy and Law - Individual Chapter PDFs

Edited by Bruce D. Leopold, Winifred B. Kessler, and James L. Cummins

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Boone and Crockett is pleased to offer individual chapter PDFs of our comprehensive reference and textbook about wildlife policy and law in North America. Each chapter is available as an individual PDF download $10 each.

Here's what included with each Chapter PDF:

  • Dedication
  • Full table of contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Key terms used in the book
  • Full text, images, and literature cited for chapter
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A basic understanding of wildlife law and policy is essential knowledge for anyone who aspires to work in wildlife management and other natural resource fields. Now, for the first time, students and professionals have all the information they need in one comprehensive volume. 

Available chapters include:

1. The Need for Wildlife Conservation and Policy

2. History of Wildlife Policy and Law through Colonial Times

3. Wildlife Ownership

4. Gun Ownership

5. Jurisdiction of Federal and State Governments in the Development and Enforcement of Wildlife Law 

6. Development of Federal, State, and Provincial Laws 

7. The United States Constitution and Wildlife Policy 

8. The Canadian Constitution and Wildlife Policy 

9. Statutory Law and Agency Rulemaking 

10. Enforcement of Laws and Policies 

11. Relationships of Indigenous Peoples to Natural Resources 

12. Use of Natural Resources for Subsistence in Alaska: Concepts, Policy, and Laws

13. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the Public Trust Doctrine 

14. Market Hunting and the Lacey and Black Bass Acts

15. Migratory Wildlife 

16. Federal Aid in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation 

17. Land Reservation and Protection: Federal Lands 

18. Wildlife Protection Legislation 

19. Laws and Policies for Environmental Protection 

20. Private Lands Conservation Programs

21. Presidential Executive Orders 


22. The Judicial System and Wildlife

23. Federal Legislative Processes for Funding Wildlife Conservation

24. Role of the Federal Government in Canada 

25. Role of Provincial and Territorial Governments

26. Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Policy Development in Canada

27. Muskrat Helped Make the World: Priority Rights of Aboriginal Peoples to Wildlife in Canada

28. Wildlife Policy and Laws in Mexico

29. Formation of Federal, State, and Provincial Agencies and Conservation Organizations

30. State Wildlife Policy in a National Environment 

31. Policy and Laws Relating to Tribal Wildlife Management

32. Role of the Nonprofit Sector in Policymaking 

33. Wildlife Policy and Law in Europe 

34. Wildlife Policy and Laws in East Asia 

35. Wildlife Policy and Laws

36. Wildlife Policy and Law in the Caribbean 

37. Wildlife Policy and Law in South America 

38. International Trade in Wildlife 

39. The Policy Job in Conservation

40. The Role of the Public in Policy and Policymaking 

41. The Wildlife Professional’s Involvement in Policy and Policymaking

42. The Politics of Wildlife and Natural Resources

The book’s extensive coverage makes it an excellent reference for anyone interested in natural resource management, public policy, or environmental law. 

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1. The Need for Wildlife Conservation and Policy by Robert D. Brown


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