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abisontale-card.jpg The bison featured in the logo for the 31st Big Game Awards lived more than a century ago in the Peace River Country of northern Alberta. And you will find the story behind how the bison head became part of the National Collection of Heads and Horns is as wild as the country it called home.
By Holland D. Butler 21st Big Game Awards Program| From Legendary Hunts A green island in the middle of rock and sandstone, the Henry Mountains of Utah are as unique as the land surrounding them. Found halfway between the Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks, the Henry’s Mount Ellen reaches...
Six years after George Bird Grinnell and Theodore Roosevelt founded the Boone and Crockett Club, Grinnell sponsored for membership a young, assertive New Yorker named Madison Grant. The year was 1893. Grant had many successful years representing the Club, but he also became one of America’s most...
The Great American Zoologist By Theodore J. Holsten, B&C Emeritus Member, excerpt from Fair Chase Magazine Hornaday (left) at Max Seiber's cabin (far right) near Hell Creek in Northeast Montana in October 1901. Also pictured is photographer Larry A. Huffman (center). A close associate of many...
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World's Record Bison
The World's Record bison was shot by the Park's Chief Ranger Sam Woodring in 1926. For years, tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park were awed by a bison skull displayed in the Chief Ranger’s office in Mammoth Hot Springs. The replica was based off the original skull that was stored in the...
Although there are domesticated, private herds in many states, only pure strain, wild bison are recognized by the Boone and Crockett Club’s records program. States and provinces that currently have wild bison are Alaska, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territories. A mature bison bull can weigh well over a ton, and cow bison commonly weigh 1,200 pounds. Bison can sprint to a rather amazing 38 miles per hour and have the ability to leap barriers six feet tall.

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