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Blacktail Deer

World's Record Sitka Blacktail - Non-Typical
William B. Steele, Jr. didn't let bad weather and poor visibility destroy his late-summer hunt for Sitka blacktail deer. His persistence paid off when he took the World's Record non-typical Sitka blacktail near the top of a fog-shrouded mountain on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska. In...
World's Record Sitka Blacktail - Typical
For more than 20 years Peter Bond didn't realize the World's Record typical Sitka blacktail deer was hanging on a wall in his shop. Bob Graham was visiting a shop in British Columbia, Canada, when he spotted an impressive Sitka blacktail deer ( Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis ) mount. Graham offered...
World's Record Columbia Blacktail Deer - Non-typical
The World's Record non-typical Columbia blacktail deer rack hung on a hunter's garage for several years before someone suggested it should be measured by the Boone & Crockett Club. I started hunting in the Black Rock Mountain area near Valsetz, Oregon when I moved from Washington to the Beaver...
World's Record Columbia Blacktail Deer - Typical
Lester H. Miller harvested the World's Record Columbia blacktail deer after hunting the buck for several seasons. On a dank October morning in 1953, Lester H. Miller found himself face-to-face with an extraordinary Columbia blacktail deer ( Odocoileus hemionus columbianus ). He'd waited for this...
By Emily Latch – Purdue University and now at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Gene Rhodes – Purdue University Jim Heffelfinger – Arizona Game and Fish Department and Boone and Crockett Professional Member Rocky Mountain mule deer by David Hewitt Throughout the geographic range of mule deer and...
The major features that make up a B&C score for mule deer and blacktails are: F - main beam length, G - point lengths, H - circumferences, and D - Inside Spread. Mule deer may not have as much going on above their heads as other members of the deer family, like elk and moose, but judging them...

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