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Musk Ox

By PJ DelHomme, photos courtesy of Alex Therrien Aron F. Wark and his guide, Sam Kapolak, covered dozens of miles each day over rough terrain near Contwoyto Lake in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut for a shot a the biggest musk ox in the records. On August 1, 2023, Wark took that shot and killed a...
The records department of the Boone and Crockett Club recently convened a Special Judges Panel to verify the entry score of a musk ox entry received earlier this year. Two separate teams of judges remeasured the musk ox entry and confirmed its score of 131 4/8 points. The massive set of horns...
At four in the afternoon, the three men started cutting up the massive musk ox. Six hours later, they had it quartered and stuffed into their packs. After all, this is how these guys pack their Dall’s sheep out of the Northwest Territories every year. They left behind a front shoulder and hindquarter but placed the head and hide on top of the meat so the grizzlies and wolves would get that first. After a three-mile hump across the muskeg, they got back to camp at one in the morning. At dawn, they returned for the rest.

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