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Conceived at a meeting among B&C members in 2003, NCLI has been guided by a single question: “What will it take to prepare our future leaders?” The answer has consistently remained linked with providing a truly unique curriculum with an emphasis on participant diversity, viewing leadership through a multifaceted lens, and a willingness to embrace self-organization as a means of tackling adaptive challenges.
It’s the West Point of conservation leadership, an academy built on a foundation of Harvard University academics and Boone and Crockett Club practicality. Now in its fourth year, the National Conservation Leadership Institute (NCLI) in Washington D.C. offers unique advanced-training opportunities...
What’s the scariest thing imaginable for those of us impassioned about wildlife and hunting and the outdoors? For many, it’s the idea that our natural resource legacy will not be left in safe hands. Sportsmen and wildlife professionals recognize that we are in a new era — a time in which the...

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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt