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Wayne van Zwoll

The animal then grabbed Cynthia’s arm and pulled her into the brush, periodically licking blood from her wounds. After “almost a half-hour,” the bear paused. Cynthia got her left hand to the torn pack pocket and keyed the radio. “Ed! Come quick! I’m being eaten by a bear!” Then the beast pounced again.
Custom: More Than A Rifle. A big game rifle built to order comes with character, even when it’s not yours.
Young Roosevelt heard the call. Shove iron in your scabbard, Pilgrim! And snug that cinch!
Spared optical glass, a rifle is naked, intimate. Shots come close, life glinting in the animal’s eye. Bully!
Riflemen who carry single-shots declare their willingness to bet a hunt on one pull of the trigger.
Distances that test rifles exceed those that test marksmanship-and leave killing to chance.
What matters to most hunters is satisfaction at hunt’s end. You can’t guarantee a kill, but you can choose your rifle and cartridge!
Lead, copper, water and time conspire to sabotage accuracy. You can save it. But first….
It may not be true that if you haven’t hunted with a .30-30 rifle, or a .30-06 or a .300 Winchester Magnum, you’re still learning to tie your shoes. Some souls so deprived reach adulthood, though mothers have long known .30s are good for you. Hunters born before there were .30s have all died.
Long ignored, 6.5mm cartridges now rock! Why? The 7mm clan, dear for decades, holds its breath! Autumn used a Howa rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor to take her first Dakota mule deer. A tide of new bullets is fueling popularity of the 6.5mm bore stateside, where it’s been long ignored. Excerpt from Fair...
Because basketball stars making millions of dollars still miss free throws Excerpt from Fair Chase Magazine By Wayne Van Zwoll, regular contributor, photos courtesy of author Approach ready to fire again, from behind the animal, rifle up front. Save congratulations for later. Why is there time to...
The celebrated 7x57 sired a clan now shadowed by 6.5mm cartridges. Fame can be fickle! Excerpt from Fair Chase Magazine By Wayne Van Zwoll, regular contributor, photos courtesy of author Known as a “classic sheep cartridge,” the 7x57 has been upstaged by friskier 7s, like Weatherby’s. Theo...
No bolt-action rifle can match the Model 70’s long history with American deer hunters!
Accuracy always trumps energy. But with 6mms you needn’t give up hard hits. Just stiff recoil!

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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt