Trail Camera Lesson Plan 2 - The Hightower


The second of three modules that will provide practice for students to test their wildlife identification skills while viewing a full set of trail camera photographs. This module features images from The Hightower camera and highlights topics such as monitoring deer movement, antler growth, extreme weather conditions, and wildlife behavior.

The PDF includes a link to the full, editable slide show with nearly 200 images from the trail camera, as well as a vocabulary/keyword sheet, printable crossword activity, and worksheet complete with a teacher's guide.


Subjects Covered: Earth Sciences, Environment, Computer Science - Technology
Recommended Grade Levels: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
Included: 8 page PDF with a link to a Google Slide Show featuring nearly 200 slides, Activities, Printables



We highly recommend you also download Trail Camera 101 Lesson Plan (free) that will give your students a great introduction to the full lesson plans and teach them about the technology, science and mathematical components of being a wildlife biologist.


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