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Virginia State Big Game Records

Known more for its oysters than for its hunting, Virginia has whitetails, bears, and now elk to harvest as well 


For more than 70 years, Virginia’s record-book entries have consisted of black bears and whitetail deer. That’s not uncommon for a mid-Atlantic state with as many as one million deer. Annual deer harvest typically totals around 200,000 deer, with a few bears and bucks entered into the records each year. In 2022, Virginia made history with a new record-breaker. Elk were reintroduced in 2012, and the herds are thriving. The state took just a decade to hold its first regulated elk hunt in modern times, and the results were impressive. A 15-year-old hunter entered his non-typical elk that scored 413-7/8, making it Virginia’s first-ever elk entry. Rest assured that it won’t be the last.

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