Wild Gourmet


BONUS MEAT POSTER! Learn the unique characteristics and best uses of each cut of venison with this 24x36-inch color poster, included with every copy of Wild Gourmet!

Naturally Healthy Game, Fish and Fowl Recipes for Everyday Chefs

Looking for new ways to prepare the wild game you harvested this season? Do you want recipes that produce unique and delicious results? Do you need tips for processing your venison that will all but guarantee top-notch flavor?

The word is out about Wild Gourmet...

Nearly half of the book is dedicated to processing... Illustrated with full-color photos and Wild Gourmet is the first book I’ve seen that has such step-by-step, hands-on photos taking game, fowl, and fish from hanging meat to bone. 

David Draper – The Wild Chef FieldandStream.com

In Wild Gourmet, America’s most respected chefs share their favorite recipes covering a menagerie of wild meats and a world of flavors. This scrumptiously illustrated cookbook features over 60 easy, step-by-step recipes that will please the most discriminating eaters. Recipes are presented with accompanying photographs, as well as wine pairings suggested by third generation Napa wine maker Marc Mondavi. 

Wild Gourmet is much more than just a cookbook—improve the flavor of your game with real-world processing tips. Chef Daniel Nelson provides a comprehensive processing guide—perfect for both seasoned hunters and those new to hunting—along with detailed information on the best cooking techniques for various cuts of wild game. You'll learn to butcher your own harvest with step-by-step, illustrated instructions covering: rabbit, duck, squirrel, turkey, elk, and salmon.




Wild Gourmet makes it easy for anyone to tame wild meat in the kitchen! 

  • Hardcover plus FREE poster

  • Over 300 color photographs

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • 272 pages


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