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B&C World's Record - Canada Moose

World's Record Canada Moose

Pennsylvanian Michael E. Laub was joined by two close friends on a combo hunt for moose and grizzly bear in British Columbia when he harvested the World's Record Canada moose.

In the fall of 1980, Michael E. Laub left the gentle hills of Pennsylvania for the rough terrain of British Columbia in pursuit of a “childhood dream,” a big-game wilderness hunt. Laub’s consequential encounter with an enormous Canada moose (Alces alces americana) became a story for the records book.


Accompanying friends Sal Casino and Angelo Brocatello, the hunting party landed in a small plane in the outback of Vizer Creek, British Columbia. Gil Weins and three of his guides met the hunters, and the next morning they mounted up and began a long search for moose and grizzly bear.

“On October 19th, after a couple of days of fly-camping, we were pretty demoralized. We hadn’t even seen a rabbit. I was able to call my wife Carol via shortwave radio to tell her of our misfortune.

“After I spoke to my wife, Sal and I went out again with our guides. We had lunch around a lake, and then we split up. My guide, George, was on the trail of a moose. We got to the top of a mountain and looked down. To my surprise I saw a bull just grazing with his antlers glittering in the sun. The moose was at least 400 yards away, so we began the descent on our horses.

“I was so excited; but, I didn’t realize how big the bull was because I had never seen a moose before. We kept moving down the mountain and I stopped to shoot, but missed. The moose took off into the brush, and we continued down the mountain. I then saw the moose standing, his back toward me in the thick, high grass at about 250 yards, when I shot. He went down, got up again, and moved off. We got on our horses and galloped through the brush. We were behind and above the moose, the sun to our back. I was now 25 feet from my moose. I grabbed my rifle out of its scabbard and downed him with my last bullet.

“George was so excited that he jumped up and down like a little boy. He knew what I didn’t, that this was a World’s Record-sized moose.”

Shot near Grayling River, British Columbia, Laub’s trophy was officially scored at 242 points.  


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