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A Must See for Every Hunter — Selective: A New Hunting Film by Jason Matzinger


You won't want to miss the one!

SELECTIVE: by filmmaker Jason Matzinger

In the Lexicon of hunting and conservation, one word has evolved more than any other, Trophy. The concept of a trophy first emerged through the lens of our innate human appreciation for the grandest and oldest ambassadors of the wilderness—a testament to the challenges faced and the reverence held for these remarkable creatures.

This appreciation held by sportsmen ultimately helped launch the conservation movement in the early 1900s and raise public awareness of the plight of wildlife due to unrestricted harvest and habitat loss. Conservation was an imperative step towards the recovery and sustainability of game species and the establishment of a stewardship philosophy that safeguards the vibrancy of our shared ecosystems. Yet, misconceptions and misrepresentations have called into question the notion of a trophy, transforming it into an unjust weapon aimed at the heart of all public hunting and its relevance to wildlife conservation. It's time to correct these misconceptions and embrace the profound conservation benefits entwined within the art of selective harvest. 

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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt