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Dall's Sheep

You won't want to miss the one! SELECTIVE: by filmmaker Jason Matzinger In the Lexicon of hunting and conservation, one word has evolved more than any other, Trophy. The concept of a trophy first emerged through the lens of our innate human appreciation for the grandest and oldest ambassadors of...
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World's Record Dall's Sheep
Harry Swank received the Sagamore Hill Award for an epic hunt that earned him the World's Record Dall's sheep. Having gained the experience he needed on earlier hunts for Dall’s sheep ( Ovis dalli dalli ), Harry Swank, Jr., a resident of Anchorage, decided to try for a really outstanding ram in...
By Carl D. Mitchell (Wildlife Biologist, retired) and R. Terry Bowyer (Professional Member, Boone and Crockett Club) Managing game populations subject to predation has long been a topic of research, discussion, and dissension. Predation and predator-prey relationships are complex ecological...

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