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Our Shield Against the Antis - Hunt Fair Chase

It would be tough for anyone who hunts not to be disturbed by the rhetoric being put forth by anti-hunting groups. They’re among that 10 percent of the population who not only does not hunt, but they are trying to make a living out of ending all hunting.

This vocal minority never seems to let the facts get in the way of a good argument, which is frustrating to watch. They can no doubt stir up trouble; but they are also just that, a minority—no different in the sense that hunters are a minority. This vocal minority is partly responsible for non-hunters turning away their support for hunting. The question is, what to do about them?

One solution is support and practice fair chase hunting. Hunting being conducted under laws guided by science that are established to ensure the well-being of game species is an inconvenient truth for the anti-hunting agenda. Their workaround to this is to ignore this fact or bring their own junk science to the table to refute real science. But what they can’t work around is this truth: beyond game laws, the majority of hunters limit themselves for the benefit of game populations by choosing to hunt under the highest of ethical standards.

The code of fair chase is the anti-hunting boogey man. It says hunters are not the uncaring, blood sport thugs with no honor or values they often try and portray hunters to be. Fair chase is the shield their arrows bounce off of. Each one of us has this shield. If we all use it, that’s the best thing we can do to drown out anti-hunting noise.



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-Theodore Roosevelt