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Sergei Spitsyn exemplifies the spirit that motivates us. With enormous effort and at considerable personal risk, Sergei spends up to nine months each year roaming these landscapes to survey snow leopards and argali. By James P. Gibbs, Professor in the State University of New York’s Department of...
By PJ DelHomme Sure, it’s legal, but is it right? With a high-powered rifle and a pile of optics worth more than my twelve-year-old truck, I assumed filling a couple pronghorn tags in southwestern Montana would be easy. I had two days to get it done. No problem, I thought. In time, though, I would...
Winter 2021 Edition - Whether your hunts are in the rearview or you’re layering up for one more try, we have a number of new record entries to keep hunting on your mind. Check out a new Montana state record black bear, a behemoth bighorn ram from North Dakota, and an Appalachian sleeper-state producing some incredible whitetails.
Spend enough time outdoors, and you are bound to find something interesting. For some, those interesting things happen to be world record heads, horns, and antlers. Here are the stories behind the biggest “pick ups” ever found.
Unless you eat your quarry where it drops, you need to get it out of the woods and into the freezer. Thanks to a wealth of vintage hunting photos in the Boone and Crockett records database and our books— Mule Deer Retrospective , An American Elk Retrospective , and Vintage Hunting Album —we bring you a slideshow dedicated to vintage rides and record-book racks.
The reasons why hunters don’t list their trophy in the records are many. Yet there are perhaps just as many reasons why a hunter should enter their animal.
Why doesn’t the Boone and Crockett scoring system count all those points? A great way to get into an argument around the campfire is to tell a hunter their animal’s antlers or horns aren’t going to score as high as they think. One better, tell them that some of those points are going to be deducted...
Lead, copper, water and time conspire to sabotage accuracy. You can save it. But first….
PREDATOR EDITION! Snow-covered grizzlies, lions (with kittens), curious coyotes, and more. Welcome to Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. On the Boone and Crockett Club’s 6,500-acre Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch, herds of elk, mule deer, and cattle share the same landscape with North America’s most...
Healthy animals need healthy habitat. Where you find healthy animals, you find monstrous antlers. Take Pennsylvania.

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